I’m Not Invincible

…Sadly, I have been brought back into reality.  Having been in remission for at least 2 months (disregarding the odd nip of pain and swelling here and there) where I have managed to live as a normal life as possible.  The pain in my entire body that has actually now rendered me immobile has reminded me that I have a horrible disease.  And its moments like this I really hate hate having this illness, I hate what it is doing to me, and most of all I hate that it tries to take away what is important in my life and that is my sports, my fitness.

I know that I most likely get told of by my fellow ‘spoonies’  as I did push myself out on a cycle ride this morning.  I felt sore in and around my neck and shoulders but thought, ‘what the hell, my legs feel ok’

I was delighted that I managed to get in, just under 10 miles, and for me, without my illness, that is something, as I HATE cycling with a passion! :? But surprisingly, I did actually enjoy the bike ride, it was a gorgeous day, and I picked a route to cycle that is very historical to my area (herm…Culloden) I even managed to get over my fear of coaches, which there was a lot of as they ferried tourists into the battlefield, to look at, well a big field (Never truly got the whole thing, if the tourist board put something fun up there then yes, but it is literally a field, a big heathery field at that…I digress!)

So, I don’t know whether it was my bike ride that set me over the edge, or, if I have just been lucky with the state of remission I have been in and I should count my lucky stars.  But the selfish side in me is really hoping this is a ‘blip’

It just makes me more determined than ever to get this marathon done, and help Lupus UK raise as much money as possible to research Lupus, and find that cure.  So please consider supporting my quest by donating :)

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