I’m Not Invincible

…Sadly, I have been brought back into reality.  Having been in remission for at least 2 months (disregarding the odd nip of pain and swelling here and there) where I have managed to live as a normal life as possible.  The pain in my entire body that has actually now rendered me immobile has reminded me that I have a horrible disease.  And its moments like this I really hate hate having this illness, I hate what it is doing to me, and most of all I hate that it tries to take away what is important in my life and that is my sports, my fitness.

I know that I most likely get told of by my fellow ‘spoonies’  as I did push myself out on a cycle ride this morning.  I felt sore in and around my neck and shoulders but thought, ‘what the hell, my legs feel ok’

I was delighted that I managed to get in, just under 10 miles, and for me, without my illness, that is something, as I HATE cycling with a passion! :? But surprisingly, I did actually enjoy the bike ride, it was a gorgeous day, and I picked a route to cycle that is very historical to my area (herm…Culloden) I even managed to get over my fear of coaches, which there was a lot of as they ferried tourists into the battlefield, to look at, well a big field (Never truly got the whole thing, if the tourist board put something fun up there then yes, but it is literally a field, a big heathery field at that…I digress!)

So, I don’t know whether it was my bike ride that set me over the edge, or, if I have just been lucky with the state of remission I have been in and I should count my lucky stars.  But the selfish side in me is really hoping this is a ‘blip’

It just makes me more determined than ever to get this marathon done, and help Lupus UK raise as much money as possible to research Lupus, and find that cure.  So please consider supporting my quest by donating :)

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KittyCat on Fire…or is just crazy!!

Hope you had a great weekend. I spent my Saturday with close friends, another beautiful day up here so we had a BBQ.

I am getting to a stage in my running that I am getting frustrated with the MIA stamina! I know it will come back but I am so impatient!  I decided today to do two runs, but didn’t plan it well…..

This morning I headed out after 10am (Mr Mac, my dog was at the vet this morning for his yearly vaccination, which interfered with my normal 9:30am run schedule!) and I went back out with my good friend, its nice running with her, we both keep each others pace in check not running too fast nor too slow.


However, could not believe that our enjoyable run resulted in us running nearly 1 min 30 secs slower!!! :? Both of us saying that it felt as if we ran faster compared to Friday’s run.

Got home to a phone call from school that my son had taken unwell, so this sweaty mess pitched up to collect him!

Now,  Mondays is kickboxing night and also to practice my Taekwondo patterns (I am green belt now, working on Won-Hyo, pronounced won-yo) it was a beast of a session, lots of stretching and I feel like I am now 2 foot taller. My leg was shoved in a position that has never been in that position, nor do I expect it to be shoved in such a position ever again.  Yes reader, I had my leg literally head height and I had to keep it in that position for 30 seconds.  Tears reader, tears sprung to my eyes!

Essentially, my class this evening was all about the stretches, I feel like an elastic band, so needless to say, since I was again a sweaty mess for the 2nd time today…what the hell, lets go for a small run! :?  WTF!!!


I was knackered, I was beat, but I have absolutely no clue how I managed to run that distance in that time.

Think tomorrow will be a Starbucks day, as I think my legs are going to make me pay for this evening!



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And Its Back to Rain

I hadn’t abandoned my blog again.  In fact I ended up with a sickness bug that was going around.  When I got home after my run on Tuesday I started to feel unwell.  The bug has been going around for a couple of weeks and I actually thought I managed to avoid it.  Thankfully (*touches wood*) the kids have been fine especially as it was their first week back at school.

This morning I felt a bit better.  I decided to go out for a run as soon as the kids left for school, that way I could get home start housework and then chillax the rest of the afternoon.

The rain has been pouring down, and its been a nice change (surprisingly for the North of Scotland!) its been too hot and humid and its made running some mornings unbearable.  The problem with Scotland though, particularly the Highlands, is, when it rains…it rains HARD! No happy medium.

I did my favourite run this morning, but I changed it up a bit by running in the opposite direction and even though it was pretty miserable, I enjoyed the run, even my achilles was playing ball too.


I actually knocked 46 seconds off my last run round the Ness Islands, so absolutely delighted, even though, contradictory running is not about time for me anymore, today I ran faster, and I ran faster with Lupus, so it can be done!

I am now feeling confident again to try and increase my mileage now…as someone said to me, it’s all about the baby steps.  I could run 10k non stop once and I know, with time, I will get there again :)

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A Runners Poem

I know post 2 in a day! But I saw this and I wanted to share it :)

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Training Day 5

I was so tired this morning, I know its fatigue from my lupus and not burning the candle at both ends.  The kids started back at school today so I really wanted to get a run in this morning, one of my friends also wanted to come with me.  We decided on the Ness Islands again, its my favourite run and I always seem to do better on that run.


I have a confession, the time is good as is the distance, but I was so busy chatting away to my friend, when I looked down at my watch about 3 mins into our run, I realised I forgot to press ‘start’ on the watch *doh*

I am also thinking I need to go and see a sports therapist.  I seem to have a tightening on my achilles, and I am wondering if I have any scar tissue there that has adhered itself when I broke my ankle…

(quick recap, I broke my foot in 2 places 2yrs ago on a run, but I actually thought it was a sprain!!! I was still trying to run on it, albeit badly, I went for an x-ray about 5 months after and discovered the fractures but they have been healing, so too late to plaster it, bur had physio to strengthen the foot again…..)  

I dont think physio will help it, but the sport therapist I see does a fantastic, albeit painful massage! so maybe I am needing some knots removed.

Anyway…debating about a kickboxing session tonight!

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